Ableton Live 9 leaked?

I’ve just managed to get a glimpse of the upcoming Ableton Live 9.  The official Ableton Channel on Youtube’s had a video called Live 9 Devices Master on it for about 20 minutes before taking it down due to a huge flow of views and comments coming from subscribers.  Yes, it’s a leak.

Here’s what I’ve managed to transcribe in the short time that it was up:

 *UPDATE* This is officially the first article ever written to document this leak in detail. Since this post, DJTT have written about the leak, as well as CDM, Music Radar and Synthopia, and the video’s been re-uploaded several times on YouTube, as well as on all sorts of transfer servers (check the comments). The first place I published the news is still, though. I’m glad to have  been an important part in propagating this it.  

The video features a series of highly significant changes to a few of Live’s Devices, such as the 8-band EQ, the Compressor, and the Gate, as well as the addition of a new type of compressor, the Glue Compressor. The EQ Eight now also includes a spectrum analyzer, and the filters have been completely rebuilt. The main window of the device can now be made larger, and there’s also a new “Audition” mode that enables the user to solo individual filters and analyze only their effect on the signal. Multiple filters can be dragged together, and the EQ now has increased Scale range (from -200% to +200%).

The old Compressor has two new views in addition to the normal one. One of these looks terribly like a heartbeat monitor, but it enables the user to visualize the effect that the device has on the signal over time. Both Compressors now have Dry/Wet controls for parallel compression. How cool is that? The new Glue Compressor has an attack that can be set as low as 0.1 milliseconds, as well as configurable gain reduction (via the “Range” control), and an analogue style soft clipper.

The new type Heartbeat Monitor (They’re not calling it that, I am) view for the Compressor can toggle between displaying the amount of Gain Reduction or the Output signal. There’s also an Auto Release button, and an Expand mode, which changes the compressor from being a downward compressor to an upward Expander.

The Gate also has the Heartbeat Monitor view, that only shows the output signal, and it’s obvious how this can allow anyone to better fine-tune the settings, as well as a “Return” control, set to configure the difference between the signal level that opens the gate and the signal level that closes it.

Ok, so what about the rest of the interface? Unfortunately, the rest of this video series (as this video was obviously part of a series) has not been leaked. However, I can definitely tell that they’ve divided the browser into halves (it looks a bit like Windows Explorer, methinks) , as well as having the Drums separated from the instruments, a new Draw Mode button right next to the CPU meter, and some changes to the transport section, such as some new unidentifiable buttons (what’s that thing next to the “Record” Button? And what’s that thing ON the “Record” button?) and a change in the position of the Global Quantization setting.

Needless to say, I can’t wait for the guys over at Ableton to release some new details, LEGITIMATELY this time. The comment section was pouring when the video was leaked, so I’m sure I’m not the only fanboy that’s overly excited about this. If there’s anything I’ve missed in the video and you happen to notice it in the pics/have seen the video while it was up as well, feel free to hit me up in the comments and add to the info.


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  1. On eq8, there us something written under low cut icon. I think we Will have the choice for the slope (24 or 48 db/oct).

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