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Enter the Pussy Monster!

Here’s the track about porn that I’ve been rambling about on the interwebs for the past few days, titled “The Movies”. ┬áMy resident artist made some custom artwork especially for this track, to go with the campy porn theme. Meet the newest addition to the Bandesnaci Pantheon, the Pussy Monster! (hope you get the joke)

Also, this is the first track I’m enclosing the lyrics for, just because I think they’re the most fun I’ve ever written:

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Get My Demo On

Here is the final track list for my second demo, which I’m going to treat more like a demo and less like a release, like I did last time.

For the first time in a long while, I feel like I have a proper demo. Tracks that I can perform live, remix or change whenever I want and there’s a sense of being more in control of my own music and direction, which is awesome.

Enjoy the tracks.

New Track: “Lie”. Featuring my first time doing proper vocals

Three completely new things for me: This track is my first serious incursion into Drum and Bass, the first time I’ve used the Amen Break and the first time I’m doing vocals on a recorded track (as in something that’s going to be on a CD).

Also, this is my first time sampling my Ensoniq ZR-76 keyboard. It has an awesome and inspiring sound, and I’ll definitely repeat this very soon.