Dubstep Controllerism video featured on Synthopia.com!

My “Dubstep Controllerism” routine video’s beenĀ featured on Synthopia.com!

The article itself doesn’t say much, so the comments are what peaked my interest. I’m glad to see most people like my performance, but as this is the internet, there are people “dismantling” my performance.

In case any of the commenters from any of the sites the video has been featured on end up here somehow, the gist of it is this: there really are no loops involved in the video. Although the bells sample might qualify as a sequence (it’s an audio sample, but no matter), the few hats that I trigger with each bass drum or snare couldn’t be called a sequence, nor are they beat-synced. It’s a trick, but it’s legit.

And of course I can’t touch Edison. “Touching” Edison was never the point. What the guy does is incredible, but completely different from what I do. Besides, I don’t use quantization in this performance.

On another note, this means my video’s reached about 4000 views at the time of this writing (that’s pretty ok for the 6 days it’s been up), which is pretty sweet for me. Thanks for the views!

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