Making a Demo Reel

I’m applying for the Red Bull Music Academy workshop in New York in October, and one of the tricks I decided to shove up my sleeve (in case they allow such things) is a little demo reel to peak the interest of the guys who are going to check out me demo, ┬ájust so they’ll have the motivation/patience to watch and listen to the whole thing.

In case I make it in the final selection, you’ll all hear a ton of news about it and my preparations for it. In case I don’t make it, I’ll subtly omit to write about it.

I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post it on the internet as well, so here it is, in all its glory. It’s basically just a montage of interesting bits from some recent videos of mine. As a little fun fact, I had a little Monty Python “and now for something completely different” in there somewhere, but I decided it didn’t fit well, at the last moment.

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