Moving On

On a more personal note, I have been feeling rather content with myself the past couple of days. The reason for that is that I am no longer playing guitar for the Kozmic Jazz Band, which was taking up a lot of my time, resources and (creative) energy, while giving me no form of satisfaction whatsoever. It was not the right environment for me.

This, of course, means I’ll be able to focus on the Bandesnaci project, as in working more on my own music and updating this blog more often, among other things.

Another reason for jumping up in joy is my latest purchase of another Novation Launchpad, the most useful (and fun to use) DAW controller I have ever encountered. The integration with Live is absolutely amazing.


And now I have two of them. Along with the X-Board and the nanoKONTROL, and the newly found time on my hands, I can now work on this project exactly the way I want to.

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