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Two New Videos

I’ve recently filmed two new performance videos. “Drum Practice” is a looping structure exercise I’ve thought up to help me lay down tracks a bit faster during live gigs and such, so as to be able to switch between tunes in a fast and easy manner (well, it’s actually not that easy, but it will be easier for me once I get more hours of practice into the system).


My second live jam (I’ve started naming some of my videos “live jams” thanks to Rheyne, who names his performance videos like this. It seems fitting.) is another sound-and-harmony driven chill-out tune, which always strikes me as the easiest to approach genre for me that I can think of. Enjoy.

Video Day Five

I ripped the trumpet off one of my old Dixieland vinyl records, which I listen to regularly. I absolutely love the dust crackles and pops on a typical vinyl record, but I had to remove them here, since I didn’t want the same noise looped along with the sample. The old lady’s voice comes from the original “Arsenic and Old Lace” film adaptation and the “Have you ever had the feeling” is from Ed Wood’s “Bride and the Beast”. Epic stuff. Enjoy.

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