The Glitch Poetry Show (and a new remix)

I’ve been collaborating with a most awesome poet these past few weeks, by the name of Razvan Tupa. He’s very open to experiments and has a history of unusual approaches to public readings (besides a number of awards for his work, which is awesome) so he approached me for creating a live show which combines improvised music with poetry reading, along with improvised readings off newspapers , glitched up.

Our first attempt at such a show was a success. It was divided into four parts:

Poetry and Music:  Razvan was reading his own poetry while I improvised beats in the background. The poetry was meant to sound like poetry and my music had very low volume.

Glitch DADA: Razvan had bought a couple of newspapers and proceeded to read random words off them while I processed and glitched his voice up, as a tribute to the old tradition of dada poetry, which I’m not going to explain here. The bottom line is that this part was very random, and it got us a few laughs.

My Solo : I basically played “Waking up”, a new controllerism routine I dubbed “Evolve Into Us 2.0″ and a new remix of Gica Petrescu, one of Romania’s most famous and prolific historical musicians.

More Poetry and Music: The poetry Razvan read in this part was meant to sound less like poetry and more like something else, so I tried to make my own music and beats less coherent.

The Book Shop  (actually, the little cafe on the top floor of the book shop) where this all took place was a warm place where we felt right at home with our show. The funny sketches on the walls, the open space  and the really cool people managing it really went into helping us relax and turn the show into something pleasant.

A TV crew for TVR Cultural was there, we got interviewed, the audience really seemed to have a good time, we were really relaxed, and it all went very well. Besides myself and the TV news crew, there was one other person with a camera there, Andrei Ruse:

In other news, I decided to turn the live remix of Gica Petrescu I performed at the event into a track. The title of his original song is “Uite-asa as vrea sa mor”, which translates as “This is how I’d like to die”. Enjoy:


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